Jeff Graham

Years of experience: 25+


Architectural Design

April Philips

Years of experience: 25+

Expertise: Sustainable Landscape Design

Frank Hyde

Years of experience: 25+

Expertise: Architectural Problem Solving

Jeni Kardinal

Years of experience: 25+

Expertise: Creative &

Sensitive Design

Anthony Flanagan

Years of experience: 25+


Development and Finance.

Continuing Support:

We never give up.  You can count on  our unwavering dedication to have a project come out right.       

Detailed Project Execution:

Our team has decades of experience in making ideas reality.  Our diverse group helps us to see many problems before they happen and to quickly solve challenges that happen along the way.                        

A Collaborative Design Process:

We believe in working very closely with the client as well as the rest of the project team. We feel the team approach is a key part of a successful project and provide an open process of participation.  We have managed teams ranging from 2 to over 100.                       

Think of a project where your needs were understood and you could focus all your energy on imagining how your project could stand above all others.  We provide unparalleled service in creative design and team management.  We don't do design to you, we believe in doing design


Asking the "Right" Questions:

We believe the first step to a successful project is understanding what the client wants.  We want to hear what you have to say.  Then we can start to understand what your needs are and how to create a design that creatively and efficiently takes advantage of "Shared Value" links. Creating maximum value for you and your project.                 

Our Vision

Our Strength